ddragon: Беркемоз опасен, заразен и неизлечим. Почти как эмергенция. (pic#berkemoz)
Написал один комментарий к сабжу на одном англоязычном сайте, решил перепостить сюда.

I hate them because them are motherfucked pacifists and legalists - "people, you must honestly pay all taxation; people you must not use torrents, because state forbid it" - this is some of they religious doctrines (this is very funny, because now their lovely state forbid their literature). And they are not really protestant - really protestant are extol work and business as intrinsic value, and in really protestant doctrine you may not extol another businessman, you must to be a businessman. Also, really protestant are want to live after death in Heaven (Warp) as God's angels (daemons), but JW believe, that they will eternally live in pastoral paradise in material world, on Earth. This is pathetic, materialistic, "dolboslavic" doctrine.

Also, I hate peoples, who want to protect me when I not asked them to do this. But I think there is good moments in this ban. First - maybe, banning jwitness teach them to not be the pathetic motherfucked shit, which they are now. Second - if the state, after all, destroy this softcore pathetic sect, the new potential sectants will go to the most hardcore sects, as the ISIS (banned in Russia). Or to [REDACTED, emergency is inevitable].

Да, критикам Свидителей и им подобных "справа" в пику всяких антикультовых движений и прочих критиков "слева" стоит зафорсить термины "псевдокульт" и "псевдосекта".

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